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The experience and skill of Matric Engineering is apparent from initial discussions through final product validation. Share your product concept or application issues with us and discover how a team of talented designers can bring you success. Whether you need a simple PCB layout or a complete turnkey design of an electronic product, we thrive on technology and love a good challenge.

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Quality design is our second nature

Quality design is second nature at Matric.

Matric Engineering has over 25 years of circuit and product design experience. Matric engineers work closely with customers to understand their application and meet their requirements. Whether requirements are formal and well defined or simply a rough concept or problem definition, Matric can help organize relevant data and devise a solution.

Matric’s circuit design capabilities include:

  • Digital design involving a wide range of processors
  • Analog design
  • RF design
  • Communication interfaces
  • Displays
  • Power supplies
  • Battery packs
  • Intrinsically safe circuitry
  • Intrinsically safe electronics design (ATEX certified)
  • EMI mitigation
  • Simulation
  • Agency testing