Configurable MCT | Wireless Industrial Control Systems | Matric Group


Matric introduces the latest addition to our line of wireless industrial control products. The all new MCT is a modular device that utilizes a multitude of network protocols and wireless communication.

The initials MCT stand for “Multiple Configuration Technology” – which is what this versatile product brings to the market. Both the I/O and the methods of communication offer multiple, modular and configurable technologies.

Some of the features available on the MCT are:

  • Ethernet, WiFi, PSTN (Dial-up) or cell modem
  • CAN, DeviceNet and RS-232 (or RS-485)\
  • 12 VDC to 24 VDC input power
  • Solid state digital I/O, AC relay I/O and analog input
  • Internal data logging and USB flash memory interface
  • Wireless handheld technology: 1-way or 2-way spread spectrum