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Need a Quote? Please Include:

Full Document Packet

  • Full Document Packet
    • Indented Bill of Material with Revision, Manufacturer, Manufacturer Part Numbers, Quantities, and Reference Designators (Ideal format is an Excel Spreadsheet, or text file)
    • Assembly Drawings
    • Fab Drawings
    • Gerber Files
    • Approved Custom Item Supplier(s), if applicable   (This could be the PCB, transformers, metal work, etc…)
    • Programming information, if applicable
    • Test Requirements, if applicable
    • Pick and Place Files, if available
    • Sample, if available
  • Special Processes Required
    • RoHS compliancy
    • Conformal Coating
    • Functional Test
    • In Circuit Test
  • Additional Info Required
    • Quotation Quantity
    • EAU
    • Standard Delivery/Quick Turn Delivery
    • Full Company Name and Address
    • Contact Name
    • Technical Contact
    • IPC Class (1, 2, or 3)
    • ITAR\EAR Assembly(?)
    • Lot tracking
    • Other customer\special requirements