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Quality & Environmental Policies

"Electronics and people you can count on."




Quality Policy

Quality Statement: “To do right for our customers, our community, our owners… We at Matric Group are committed to continual quality improvement in everything we do, dedicating ourselves to meeting the needs of those relying on us.”

Matric Group is committed to providing safe, effective products and services to the electronic control and computer industries that meet all known customer performance and reliability requirements. The Matric quality management system is dedicated to using defined techniques and behaviors to continually reduce variation in process and products – satisfying requirements of both internal and external customers. Matric is committed to complying with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system.

We strive to prevent defects by focusing on processes ultimately resulting in better product quality at a reduced cost. These results are realized through the effective use of our greatest resource, our people, who are responsible and accountable for the quality of their work.

Matric Group Associates are committed to rapid organization response, providing our customers with the fastest concept-to-commercialization time in the electronics industry.

Matric Group will maintain an environment that fosters continuous quality improvement in all areas of its operations.

Environmental Policy

Matric Limited is a contract manufacturer of electronic assemblies, offering both turnkey and board level assembly. We are committed to protecting and preserving the environment by minimizing environmental impacts concerning our activities, products, and services. To accomplish this, Matric works towards:

• Reducing waste, preventing pollution, and minimizing the consumption of natural resources

• Complying with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations, and other industry and customer requirements relating to environmental protection

• Increasing the awareness of our environmental requirements among our employees to facilitate an understanding of the environmental impacts of their daily responsibilities

• Considering environmental issues and potential environmental impacts in all of our business strategies and initiatives.

Matric Limited is committed to continual improvement of our Environmental Management System and overall environmental performance. In striving to achieve these objectives, we engage in a rigorous planning process, and work with external partners such as our major suppliers, contractors, local communities and customers.