We continuously strive to acquire new certifications that not only benefit our valued customers but also contribute to the growth and success of our company.

Matric Group Has The Certifications

The QUALITY of our electronics isn't just critical to our success, but critical to all those who use them. In some cases, it could be the difference between life and death. RELIABILITY is a necessity for our customers; that's why Matric has PROVEN quality systems in place to help support you and your products.

Both Matric Limited and Dynamic Manufacturing are AS 9100D certified to assemble PCBs in the aerospace industry.

The AS 9100D certification is based on and includes ISO 9001:2015.

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The ISO 13485 represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. This standard supersedes earlier documents including 46001 (1993 and 1996), EN 46002 (1996), and the previously published ISO 13485 (1996 and 2003) - Wikipedia

Data 01-03 Rev 10 13485-2016 Certificate Reissued January 23, 2023


ISO 14000 is a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations (a) minimize how their operations (processes, etc.) negatively affect the environment (i.e. cause adverse changes to air, water, or land); (b) comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements; and (c) continually improve in the above. - Wikipedia

Data 01-07 Rev 1 14001-2015 Certificate Reissued January 23, 2023


Nadcap (formerly NADCAP, the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is a global cooperative accreditation program for aerospace engineering, defense, and related industries. - Wikipedia

Certificate Nadcap (Aerospace) Electronics audit # 206142


To do right for our Customers, our Community, and our Owners. We at Matric are committed to continual quality improvement in everything we do, dedicating ourselves to meeting the needs of those relying on us.
Rick Turner Matric Group CEO
Rick Turner
Matric Group CEO

“Matric Limited certifies products  are in compliance with the RoHS 3 Directive as per IPC-1752 and the restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in Electric and Electronic Equipment (EEE) Directive (EU) 2015/863.”


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International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a United States regulatory regime to restrict and control the export of defense and military related technologies to safeguard U.S. national security and further U.S. foreign policy objectives. - Wikipedia



The ATEX directives consists of two EU directives describing the minimum safety requirements of the workplace and equipment used in explosive atmosphere. ATEX derives its name from "Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosives" (French for Equipment intended for use in EXplosive ATmospheres). - Wikipedia

Data 01-01 Rev 12 QA Notification


International Electrotechnical Commission IEC Certification System for Explosive Atmospheres.  Type of Service is Repair and Overhaul according to IEC 60079-19.  Type of protection is Intrinsic Safety.  Scope of Service is Repair and Overhaul of Group 1 Mining Equipment.

Data 01-09 Rev 0 -  IECEx CofC SIR S0020


The Joint Certification Program (JCP) certifies Canadian and United States (U.S.) contractors for access to unclassified military technical data belonging to Canada's Department of National Defense (DND) and to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). - Defense Logistics Agency

Policies That Make Us Reliable.

Our policies are the essential guidelines that help to create a PRODUCTIVE and SAFE working ENVIRONMENT, specifically in maintaining the quality of products, employee safety, and our continued efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Matric Group is committed to continual improvement of our Environmental Management System and overall environmental performance.  

In striving to achieve these objectives, we engage in a rigorous planning process and work with external partners such as our major suppliers, contractors, local communities, and you, our valued customers.

EMSD 1.0 Environmental Policy


We are committed to continual quality improvement in everything we do, dedicating ourselves to meeting the needs of those relying on us.

Implementing a quality system gains customer loyalty. Our quality policies clearly outline the standards, procedures, and targets that our employees follow to ensure the highest quality products.

Data 05-01 Rev 3, Quality Statement and Policy


Safety is #1 at Matric Group. Our safety committee meets monthly and performs safety checks throughout all facilities. We are committed to providing a work environment that is safe and without risks to health.

Our safety policy helps to ensure employees work in a secure and hazard-free environment. It covers how to properly use machinery, how to handle hazardous materials, and how to respond to emergencies. Enforcing safety policies prevents accidents from occurring, reduces insurance costs, and improves morale among employees. Our policies are reviewed regularly and updated as needed to ensure that they remain effective.