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Aftermarket Services

Matric’s commitment to customer satisfaction continues long after products are delivered. Product upgrades, calibration, and repair services are available to maintain the proper operation of your products.

Matric can provide aftermarket services for products manufactured elsewhere and for legacy products which require sustaining engineering.

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Aftermarket Services
Aftermarket Services
Aftermarket Services
Aftermarket Services
  • The largest market supported by Matric’s aftermarket services is embedded controls for heavy equipment, serving customers around the world on 5 continents. Matric works closely with one of the world’s largest producers of heavy equipment to provide seamless support to their end users and has raised the bar for fast turnaround times and processing large volumes of product during machine and system rebuilds.

  • Matric specializes in servicing electronic controls for industrial equipment whether, operated locally, by computer, or by radio remote. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their products and provide the aftermarket services required by their legacy products.

  • Matric’s aftermarket services can function as an authorized service center for specialized consumer products. Matric excels at understanding and supporting unique testing, troubleshooting, and upgrade requirements.

  • Matric provides exceptional aftermarket support for our line of industrial control products. Decades of experience and skilled workmanship are applied to assure that product upgrades or refurbishing are performed to the highest standards. Products that undergo Matric aftermarket services are as good as new.

  • Matric’s skilled technicians are able to service electronic products down to the component level whether thru-hole or SMT. Matric routinely services analog and digital products such as:

    • embedded microprocessor based controllers
    • power supplies
    • displays
    • power line data couplers
    • inclinometers and other sensors
    • data loggers
  • Matric has extensive experience servicing ruggedized transmitters and receivers involving multiple channels, low-power, and high sensitivity. All aspects of operator stations can be addressed including displays, membrane or mechanical switches, programming, battery issues, and enclosures.

  • Matric is equipped to service high voltage products for industrial control systems.

    • Inputs of up to 1,000 VAC, 3-phase, up to 150 Amps
    • Variable frequency AC and SCR based DC Motor controls
    • Servo-amps
    • Switching controls
  • We service, rebuild, modify, and convert switchboxes, junction boxes, and antenna assemblies.

  • We offer service work on a wide variety of cables, from coax to heavy-duty, multi-wire, ruggedized cables. We handle cables up to 150′ long. We can repair or replace any parts, and alter to customer specifications upon request.

    Matric uses ATE for cable validation that offers more testing than can be done by conventional methods, in a fraction of the time. It can handle up to 37 wires per bundle and checks for:

    • pin-to-pin shorts
    • leakage
    • low resistance
    • capacitance/ inductance between all pins and to the connectors
  • We offer coordinated returns of partial or entire systems, scheduled to fit your needs. We can return products to you in lots or bring together several rebuild centers to return all at once.

  • We use several types of ATE’s. These can be configured and programmed to apply various voltages, currents, and input signals, and to simulate loads, on the DUT. They will measure and record all outputs.

  • Matric demonstrated a high level of commitment by expanding our facility to help a customer outsource the aftermarket services for twenty different types of embedded control units and three hundred different cables.

    During the summer of 1998, ground was broken for a new addition and by the fall of 1998 the building project was completed and 27,500 square feet of new floor space was available. Twenty talented service technicians were hired to supplement our aftermarket services crew. Service technicians traveled to England for training, learned to read customer notes and documents, became familiar with the functions of the products, programmed automated test equipment, and began to refurbish large shipments of product. Automatic test equipment (ATE) and vacuum test equipment were added to perform full functional testing and bring units back to proper operating condition.

    Through this effort Matric improved the level of quality, reduced costs, and cut turnaround times for our customer and their customers.

    • Cleaning
    • High-pressure spray washer
    • low-temperature drying oven
    • sandblasting
    • proprietary cable-cleaning machine (cleans any length in seconds)
    • Two-sets-of-eyes inspections
    • Thermal testing
    • Painting facility
    • Conformal coating
    • Repair analysis by part number, product group, or by customer.
    • Will bring your units back to OEM specifications.

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