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New Glue & Solder Dispensing Machine @ Matric

Seneca, PA -- Matric recently invested in a Nordson ASYMTEK Quantum series high-productivity, large-format dispensing system.  Matric will use the machine to dispense glue and/or solder paste, depending on the application.  The machine compliments the fully automatic Surface Mount (SMT) process and will be placed in-line within one of the four SMT lines. 

On Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) where larger parts require more solder paste to meet quality standards, the Quantum is used to dispense additional solder over the existing solder that was placed by the screen printer.  For mixed technology PCB’s, the machine may also be used to dispense glue to parts typically on the bottom side of the board, so that parts do not wash off during wave solder processes placed during through-hole operations.

“Many of our customers require Class III assembly and the Quantum will help us streamline our current processes to improve efficiencies and costs,” says Doug Bevier, SMT Supervisor, “We currently use solder preforms that are placed by the My Data pick and place machines to build up the solder and these preforms are very expensive."

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