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Dynamic Manufacturing is an essential business that is fully operational to support our customers and assist with surge capacity where needed.  Our commitment to providing our customers with exemplary quality and service remains unchanged.  We continue to follow all safety and health guidelines set forth by the PA Department of Health Building Safety Measures published April 6, 2020 and the PA Department of Health Safety Measures for Business Published April 15, 2020.  Any additional updates will be communicated as they arise.


WE are Dynamic Manufacturing, Design, Build, Manage

We offer both turnkey and board-level assembly.  Our experience and technical capabilities have helped solve customer challenges for over 25 years.


"Electronics and people you can count on."


Matric Group continues to monitor the progression and impact of COVID-19 globally. We have implemented and continue to stay abreast to the currently advised safety recommendations so our employees can continue to work and support their families during this unfortunate situation. Matric Group is an essential business that is fully operational to support our customers and assist with surge capacity where needed. Our commitment to providing our customers with exemplary quality and service remains unchanged. 

Any additional updates will be communicated as they arise.

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Matric Group



Dynamic Manufacturing, an affiliate of Matric Group, is an electronic contract manufacturer located in Freeport, PA. 

Our comprehensive services approach addresses every stage of your product development process.  From design to production to aftermarket support, we help your product achieve its highest potential.




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Engineering Services

The experience and skill of our engineering department are apparent from initial discussions through final product validation. Share your product concept or application issues with us and discover how a team of talented designers can bring you success. Whether you need a simple PCB layout or a complete turnkey design of an electronic product, we thrive on technology and love a good challenge.

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Electronic Manufacturing Services

We specialize in low-to-medium-volume, complex assemblies that other companies can’t handle. Your bottom line will benefit from our fully automatic SMT lines and semi-automatic through-hole equipment, combined with our experienced hand assembly team. Offerings of electromechanical, cable and harness assembly, PCB prototyping and testing, and management of your obsolete component inventory are fully available.  

New Panasonic Line

Aftermarket Services

Our commitment to customer satisfaction continues long after products are delivered. Product upgrades, calibration, and repair services are available to maintain the proper operation of your products.  We can provide aftermarket services for products manufactured elsewhere and for legacy products that require sustaining engineering.

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We are a leader in electronic contract manufacturing.

Unequaled experience, expertise, and technology.


Markets Served

For over 25 years, Dynamic Manufacturing has been a leader in the electronic contract manufacturing industry.

Since its formation in 1993, Dynamic Manufacturing has made a name for itself in all aspects of product development, supporting Original Equipment Manufacturers in a diverse group of markets.


Seat controls, flight simulators, to lunar landing equipment.


Mobile communication systems to electronic data storage devices.


Electrical demand controllers to industrial-grade turbine pitch control systems.

Industrial Controls

Power controls, flow monitoring, to proximity detection.


Hi-tech research devices from precision microscopes to air monitoring equipment.


Smart home healthcare to life-sustaining and life-saving devices.

Military & Defense

DOD applications, weapons delivery systems, to wearable ISOTOPE verification.


HVAC systems, video surveillance, to autonomous controls.


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