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    Dynamic Manufacturing’s commitment to customer satisfaction continues long after products are delivered. Product upgrades, calibration, and repair services are performed by a dedicated team of skilled electronic technicians.
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    Dynamic Manufacturing provides world class Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services. Specializing in low to medium volume, high-mix board assembly, Dynamic has the equipment and expertise to partner on projects from the design phase to finished assembly.
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    The Dynamic Manufacturing Design Team combines technical and creative disciplines to convert innovative concepts into efficiently manufactured finished products. Team engineers include hardware and software design, PCB Layout and 3D modeling to name a few.

Custom Electronic Assembly in Freeport, PA

Dynamic Manufacturing provides world-class electronic contract manufacturing to customers in the United States

If you need low-to-medium-volume, high-mix board assembly, Dynamic has the equipment and expert partners for your project — all the way from design to finished assembly.

Our team combines technical and creative disciplines to convert your concepts into efficiently manufactured products.

Dynamic’s commitment to your satisfaction continues long after product delivery. Our skilled technicians will handle any product upgrades, calibration, and repair services you need for your product’s entire life.

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Electronic Manufacturing Services Include:

Low to Mid Vol.,

High-Mix Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s)

Surface Mount PCB’s

Through-hole PCB’s



Electromechanical Assemblies

Cable Assemblies

Contract Design Include:

Printed Circuit Boards Design

Intrinsically Safe Design

Electronics Products

Wireless Electronics Solutions

Hardware Design

Software Design

3D Modeling

Fieldbus Products

Aftermarket Services Include:

Electronics Repair




Cable Evaluations

Quality Certifications

Dynamic Manufacturing is committed to providing safe, effective products and services to our customers that meet all known contractual, reliability, and regulatory requirements. The Dynamic quality management system is dedicated to using defined techniques and behaviors to continually reduce variation in process and products – satisfying both internal and external customers. To do right for our customers, our community, our owners… We at Dynamic Manufacturing are committed to continual quality improvement in everything we do, dedicating ourselves to meeting the needs of those relying on us.