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Sustainability For Survivability

Electronics Manufacturing Through Unprecedented Times.



― Fitzhugh Dodson

Weather the storm by attending this half-day session packed with information!

September 17 , 2020

With trade shows canceled and supply chains disrupted, it is more difficult than ever to find solutions to your electronic manufacturing problems.

Join Better Board Buying (B3), ThomasNet, the Matric Group, and other experts in the field as we address issues resulting directly from the current pandemic and discuss how to handle them.  Learn how to maintain your course while overcoming obstacles. 

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From The Captain's Blog

Here are a few articles of some topics we will cover at the conference.

6 min read

Financial PCBs 101: Kiosk PCB Assembly

PCBs for kiosks represent a specialized area within electronics manufacturing, requiring a focus on durability, security, and diverse component integration. As technology...

5 min read

Mitigating Component and Electronic Obsolescence in Medical Devices

Global supply chain shortages mixed with bottlenecks in the shipping industry and labor shortages have triggered serious problems in nearly every industry. With an increase in...

7 min read

Flying Probe Testing 101

PCB design is tricky. Depending on how complex your project is -- or how much is at stake if something fails -- you may need top-end testing before launching your product.


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