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– Past Event –

Sustainability For Survivability

"Electronics Manufacturing Through Unprecedented Times"


Thank you for clicking on the conference page.  Our first ever virtual conference was held on September 17, 2020.  We had a fantastic turnout and our selection of speakers was well received. 

We decided to have this conference because the majority of trade shows have been postponed or pushed back and company visits have been canceled.  So we put together 4 sessions that we felt would provide you with the necessary resources to keep your company on course during these crazy times.

We hope the topics below will help solve your supply chain problems, answer questions about PCB partnerships, and provide you with a turnkey solution for your next product.

So let's batten down the hatches and
weather the storm together!


- Rick Turner
CEO of Matric Group



The world is not interested in the storms you encountered, but did you bring in the ship?”
- William McFee

Leading Through A Crisis

Sustainability For Survivability
Patrick Stimpert

Patrick will discuss how Matric Group dealt with the recent pandemic and its catastrophic wave that flooded almost every corner of the manufacturing industry.  Learn how Matric developed their Pandemic Response Plan and have kept their doors open.


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PCB Buying in Good and Bad Times

Choosing the right PCB Partners in good and bad times
Greg Papandrew

Greg will break down exactly how to select the right vendors for your operation. Review your options whether domestic, nearshore or offshore for PCB suppliers. Learn how to confidently move business to a new vendor when necessary.


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electronic component opportunities

Opportunities in the Components Sector
Shawn Fitzgerald
chief marketing officer - thomas

Shawn will provide data and insights on the major trends reshaping manufacturing as well as some practical advice on how to harness the opportunity for your business.  See how others are reacting to marketplace changes and how its affecting sourcing trends across the industry.


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complete turnkey


Mike will explain the benefits of partnering with a contract manufacturer and when it's the right time to make the transition from your current process whether it is internal or with another EMS provider.  How working with a partner can increase production, lower costs, and ultimately increase sales.


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