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patrick stimpert

2099 Hill City Road, Seneca, PA 16346


Patrick Stimpert

vice president of operations

Sustainability For Survivability - Leading Through A Pandemic 

When COVID struck back in the Fall of 2019, no one really knew anything about it, at least in the manufacturing industry.  And the closest relatable situation had taken place 8 years ago with MERS and the West Nile virus. 


Join Patrick Stimpert for an in depth view of how Matric kept its doors open during one of the most unimaginable situations in our lifetime.  Learn how they constructed and implemented their pandemic plan, dealt with roadblocks, and printed 3D face visors and shields to the local emergency and medical community.


Presenter Bio

Eleven years US Army Non-Commissioned Officer.  Over twenty-two years of experience in manufacturing overseeing facilities, operations, and distribution services.  Introduced the principles of TPS (Toyota Production System) and the Gemba process to the Matric production staff.


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